Sponsors Love with Branch Line Leather

Branch Line Leather Co. is a small-by-design leathercraft studio and production workshop located in Worthington, OH, USA. We specialize in “Bespoke for the People” leather and wool bags and accessories. With over 24 years experience producing leather goods, the makers at Branch Line Leather would love to share their commitment to quality with you. Here are the Craftin’ Outlaws Elaine from Branch Line loves…


Inked Earth – I drink my coffee most mornings from an Inked Earth Hotrod Flames coffee mug. Gets me going, going, gone!


Igloo Letterpress – They are my “local.” I love the fact that you can walk in and stuff is happening there all the time. People are making things. And they let you watch. Magical.


Crime Cats – My kids love these books and the fact that they can bug the author endlessly at book signing events. Books! About cats!


Perler Tricks – I am always amazed at their work, but mostly glad they are the ones making these nuggets of awesomeness, not me. That’s a seriously lot of work, there, people.


The Hoop and Needle – Because who doesn’t love crafts that you have to shield your children’s eyes from! Absolutely inspired, if a bit irreverent.


Fuzz Butt Crochet – Because, the name…


Branch Line Leather will also be joining us for a day of handmade on December 10th at The Greater Columbus Convention Center. Find your favorite Outlaws www.craftinoutlaws.com.