DIY your way through 2017!

A new year brings new goals and personal resolutions come in many forms. Perhaps you wish to make healthier eating habits, learn a new language or unplug from social media.

While I do not fancy myself a resolution person… I enjoy my daily dose of caffeine, laced with sugar and accompanied with heavy dairy. I shall continue to binge watch with a late night snack, with little remorse. What I do crave, other than those cookies calling my name in the cupboard, is a taste for crafts.


Dabbling your way through a new workshop offers so much more than the task set out before you. The sense  of accomplishment in completing a workshop and being able to carry that knowledge to your next project is as rewarding as the finished project itself. Reflecting on the results of your trials and errors throughout the creative process keeps the brain active. Recent articles state that knitting can be linked to maintaining a healthy mind, weight loss and better overall wellness. So why not take the leap of faith that DIY classes and craft in all it’s glory may have similar effects.

Displaying the finished product for your own enjoyment can remind you, for years to come, where your were in that period of your life.  Perhaps you are willing to pay this object forward to a friend or loved one. Passing it on with the knowledge you gained and the funny, you had to be there moments associated to the hands on process makes that item more precious to the recipient.


DIY classes can add a new skill into your handmade tool box. Whether you are wishing to step back into an old hobby, learn some advanced techniques used in your existing handmade work or try a new medium you’ve always wanted to attempt.

Workshops can also offer up a social component. Signing up for a class with a friend can strengthen the craft thread between you. Individuals with an introverted tendency, can take solace that DIY is just that, for you and by you. Attending an event solo has the added benefit of bonding over the creative process set out before you with new peers. The bond of this new learned skill can be the ultimate ice breaker and create new,lasting friendships.

Regardless of your reasons, the city of Columbus has no shortage of sessions, classes, workshops or seminars to keep you engaged, crafty and DIY-ing your way to a craftier you. Here are a few places around town to keep those idle hands occupied.

Follow the link at the bottom of the page to submit your own DIY workshops. What handmade techniques are you excited about learning this year?


All classes are rated on  it’s level of difficulty

(1 -5) 1 button being beginner – 5 buttons being advanced 



Forged Bar Necklace at The Smithery

2/2 – Planting Intentions Workshop with Planthropy $65 Skill Level:  button

2/5 – Workshop: INTERMEDIATE Silver Bezel Set Stone Ring $125 Skill Level: buttonbutton

2/7 – Galentine’s Day Succulent Workshop – No Boys Allowed! $42 Skill Level: button


2/10 –  Photography with the Wonder Jam  $25  Skill Level:  button

2/11 – Make & Take Metal Stamping Event @ The Smithery $ a la carte Skill Levelbutton

2/11 – Leather 101 $85 Skill Levelbutton

2/11 – Weaving Workshop at Sew to Speak $85 Skill Level: button

2/12 – Family Clay Day – Ceramic Love Plaque $40 Skill Level: button

2/13 – Galentine’s Self-Care Party with Under Aurora, Wild Origins & Sarah Harste Weavings $45 Skill Level: button

2/16 – WORKSHOP: Forged Bar Necklace $45 Skill Level: button

2/23 – Workshop: Custom Stamped Stitch Markers $30 Skill Level: button

Have a DIY workshop you wish to submit? Sign up here!

To learn more about our events visit

Published by Megan Green

Megan Green is creative minded entrepreneur with a passion for supporting other creatives based in Columbus, Ohio. She's the Executive Director behind Midwest Craft Con and Craftin' Outlaws. She's also the founder of Stinkybomb Soap, a novelty soap business.

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