Paper Crafting with Paper Acorn and Mallory Hill

While paper crafting is not my usual craft of choice, it makes for a great departure from my typical mediums of fabric and thread! I purchased these kits from the artist behind Paper Acorn last year at Midwest Craft Con (yes, a full year ago).


I originally pulled them out for an afternoon project with my five year old daughter, but they proved a little too advanced for her skills (and attention span). I was surprised with a little pocket of time to craft by myself one afternoon, so I grabbed them and got to work. You don’t need any supplies, everything is provided in the package which is very nice when you need a spontaneous creative outlet!

These two kits were different difficulty levels but I was easily able to finish them in less than an hour (with two little ones offering plenty of help). The instructions were easy to follow and there’s nothing better than almost instant crafty satisfaction coupled with a high cuteness factor.


A quick review of their site shows a massive selection of kits and other paper crafts that are beautifully designed (I’m especially keen on the paper succulents). These are designed in Cincinnati, Ohio and available online in their shop and at a variety of brick & mortar shops. If you are local to Columbus, you can pick them up at Wholly Craft, everyone’s go-to spot for all of their DIY goods.

And here are my finished masterpieces, both of which were promptly taken from me by my daughters to display in their rooms.


img_5108 Mallory Hill has been sewing since she was young but didn’t pick it up seriously until she was out of college. That’s when she first started working in the fabric and sewing industry and her passion has grown as she continued to work for various textile companies for the past 10 years. She has two daughters and has recently re-located back to her home state of Ohio.


Visit to learn more about the longest running alternate craft fair in town. 

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Sewing, crafting, and hoarding fabric are a few of my favorite things.

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