Shop Review: Yarn It & Haberdashery

The skies are still sunny in Columbus, but the cool breezes of Fall are just around the corner, which means knitting season is upon us! Lucky for us, Columbus is home to the fabulous Yarn It & Haberdashery which provides the most beautiful yarns, supplies, and tools to tackle any fiber project your heart desires.


Esther Hall has been knitting since she was 8 years old when her mom began teaching her a variety of crafts. She grew to love the art and opened her own shop three years ago in Grandview. She loves connecting with customers both new and old, helping folks pick out new projects, and relishes their look of excitement as they finish their latest creations.


A few steps into Yarn It and you are greeted by a rainbow of beautiful yarns and wool as well as a cozy nook, perfect for gathering with friends and a great space to work on your latest project. They host Sit and Knits, and have Open Knitting times throughout the week where customers are encouraged to bring their expertise, projects, and questions to share with others. The shop also offers a wide variety of knitting, crochet, weaving, and other fiber classes throughout the week. Classes are offered at all times of day, perfect for even the craziest of schedules! They also have classes just for kids and teens.


Along with brands that many fiber artists know and love, Yarn It also carries a variety of raw wool and yarns on consignment from other small businesses around the country. These smaller batches and unique product offerings ensure your next project really stands out! They even have and exclusive in house dyed yarn from Faerie Girl Yarn. The variety doesn’t stop with yarn either, they also offer ceramic bowls, buttons, stitch counters, yarn bags and more. You can contact Esther at the shop if you are interested in finding out more about their consignment opportunities.


Yarn It & Haberdashery is open seven days a week and has many evening hours to allow as much flexibility as possible. As a mom herself, Esther has always felt that it was important to create a relaxing, inviting environment for families to enjoy the space as well. Kids are welcome at the shop and Esther even has a rocking chair, pack and play, and changing table to cater to any needs you (and your littles) might have while browsing and relaxing.


You can find more details about the shop and classes on their website. You can also follow along with them on Instagram, Facebook and Ravelry. Join their newsletter to get the latest updates and promotions from the shop. Stop by today to see all of the eye candy and start, or grow your love for fiber arts!

Yarn It & Haberdashery is located at 1093 W 1st Ave, Grandview Heights, OH 43212. Visit to learn more.

IMG_5108 Mallory Hill has been sewing since she was young but didn’t pick it up seriously until she was out of college. That’s when she first started working in the fabric and sewing industry and her passion has grown as she continued to work for various textile companies for the past 10 years. She has two daughters and has recently re-located back to her home state of Ohio.

Visit to learn more about the longest running alternate craft fair in Columbus, Ohio.




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