Top 5 Craftin’ Outlaws with The Wonder Jam – Sponsored Post

The Wonder Jam is a branding firm that offers so much more than simple consulting. They offer photography, web design, workshops and much more. Owners, Adam and Allie, shared with us the vendors that their looking forward to seeing at Craftin’ Outlaws on November 11th & 12th at the Columbus Convention Center.
Allie orders Wild Origins in bulk. We – at all times – have a jar in our office, on her bedside table, one in the medicine cabinet, and yet another on standby in the closet.
We’re obsessed!
If the Jeopardy answer is “At this place you’re guaranteed to find a fun, smart gift for a friend.” then the question was “What is Wholly Craft?”
Sometimes we just walk through the store because we know we’ll find the perfect gift for someone.
We love donuts and pizza and avocados and La Croix. And you probably do as well (or at least SOME kind of food love). Sweet Stella’s stuff is made with such intricate detail and shows off your food love!
We have one of Sarah’s pieces hanging up in our studio and love how interesting our clients find it. Folks are always commenting on the piece and it’s obvious Sarah cares about what she’s putting together.
Allison and the Igloo team are always working on high quality print materials. We have a bunch of prints hanging up in our studio and some of the best client gifts we’ve ever given have been stationary from Igloo.
Check out all of the Craftin’ Outlaws vendors online now and then visit them in person on November 11th & 12th at The Columbus Convention Center.
The Wonder Jam is located at 1145 Chesapeake Avenue, Building J, Grandview Heights, Ohio. Visit them online for more information and their full workshop schedule.

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Sewing, crafting, and hoarding fabric are a few of my favorite things.

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