Shop Review – 614 Knit Studio

614 Knit Studio co-owner Andrea with yarn and classes

614 Knit Studio co-owner Andrea with yarn and classes

Located in Clintonville, 614 Knit Studio is Columbus’ youngest yarn store. Co-owners Andrea and Jennifer strive to create a welcoming atmosphere for fiber lovers to learn and create together, no matter their chosen craft. You can find Andrea in the shop 6 days per week teaching classes, hosting pop-up shops, curating the yarn collection, and laughing with the dedicated customer base they’ve developed since opening in 2015.


One of the first things you’ll notice when you enter 614 Knit Studio is that they don’t carry a lot of yarn. Co-owner Andrea says that is on purpose. While most yarn stores carry a large variety of products, Andrea’s vision of the studio centers around highlighting independent dyers and carrying workhorse yarns to support the educational side of the project. “We try to carry yarn that you won’t find anywhere else in Columbus, possibly even Ohio. We constantly rotate the stock to feature different dyers each month.”


In any given month, 614 Knit Studio hosts 35-45 creative classes, covering a range of topics from beginning knitting to fixing mistakes and even project-based classes. When she’s not teaching, Andrea loves soaking in the positive vibes of the shop. “We host open knitting 2 days per week, but our Friday open knit is really when we jam,” Andrea said. During open knit, all are welcome to drop in with a project and relax among friends. “You could be sitting next to someone who is totally opposite from you in terms of religion or politics, but the fiber brings us all together.”


Sadly, just 11 months into opening the studio on Indianola Ave., a driver lost control of a vehicle and crashed into the storefront. Within seconds, the entire stock of yarn, the furniture, and most of the décor lovingly designed by Andrea and Jennifer was ruined. “It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare. We had to close down for 9 weeks,” Andrea remembers. Thankfully no one was hurt, but picking up the pieces would be an uphill battle. Andrea used the time to consult with her fiber mentors about a new direction for the shop and was encouraged by her dedicated customers. Her best advice for those aspiring to open a brick and mortar store is to do your research, spend time working in your chosen industry before opening, and never give up.


614 Knit Studio prides itself in being a place to highlight artisan and small handmade businesses. Andrea herself is born and raised in Columbus and features locally made products in the studio. She currently carries custom made closures and notebooks from Branch Line Leatherworks and balms and fragrances from Tuft Woolens. “We’re always looking for ceramic and wood yarn bowls. And project bags. You can never have enough project bags!” If you are a local artist looking to have your product carried by 614 Knit Studio, visit Andrea at the shop during normal business hours or email


614 Knit Studio is open 6 days per week for all yarn lovers. Open stitch is Thursday 10am-12pm and 6pm-8pm, and Friday 1pm-8pm. Their February promotion is Finish-It or Frog-It February, which encourages knitters to complete or tear out long forgotten projects for a chance to win prizes. Visit their website and sign up for the newsletter to learn more about it and be in the know about upcoming class, events, and outings. Find them on RavelryInstagram, and Facebook, where they announce sales and provide updates. When asked why someone should come to her store, Andrea had this to say: “Everyone is welcome at 614 Knit Studio. We just want you to come as you are.”

Learn more about 614 Knit Studio Here.

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