Jamie of Sew Kart is the queen of bringing crafty fun to your doorstep. Her collection of modern sewing and fiber arts workshops can maker a master maker out of everyone. She specializes in beginner friendly project and even has events just for kits.

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Sew Kart will be joining in on the DIY fun with us on November 10th teaching a rope coil class!  This is a workshop designed for ages 14 and up. You must pre-register online and there’s a $15 class fee for a one-hour reservation with classes starting at 11am. All materials, supplies, tools and machines to borrow are included. You must sign up HERE. 

Enjoy Jamie’s Top 5 picks feature artists across the creative spectrum, all whom are joining us at Craftin’ Outlaws.


Kim Rhors art is amazing! Her beautiful organic-shaped images in her paintings, especially the “cell study” ones  seem to be in motion, drawing the view into another universe.  My daughter is majoring in biology and she’s definitely going to get one of these awesome works of art!


Have you seen Megs LeVesseur’s pottery? There are many things to love about her creations, with the wavy shapes and soothing colors. Last Summer, my friend Nancy served me coffee in a Megs LeVesseur mug and I think it was the most fun coffee drinking experience ever. So, I’m so excited she (and Nancy) will be there at the show!


Awwww yeahhhh…Alison Rose. I can’t say enough about how absolutely soft their t-shirts are and how adorable the artwork they put on these garments is. I took a screen-printing class, where they walked us through the process of how to make one, and had a blast! They have hundreds of original works of art from which to choose to create or have them create a one-of-a-kind “art to wear”, that make great gifts for anyone.

Poor Sparrow Marketing Image.jpg

We (my friends and gen-Z daughter) adore Poor Sparrow’s jewelry. Her creations are all metallic or metallic with some earthy stone to add a little color. I’ve purchased her jewelry at craft shows and always get compliments on it when I wear her stuff. She uses authentic vintage findings, which I didn’t realize until recently, she does such a great job finding modern complimentary elements that seem to blend seamlessly right into the design. Make sure you stop by her booth to see for yourself.


For holiday guests and hosts, I highly recommend giving them a journal. It’s thoughtful and they already have enough food and new fluffy socks. White Dragon Paper gifts are perfect just for that! You will love the way the leather journals feel in your hands and appreciate the quality of paper artist Rocky creates from recycled materials. Check them out. Pick one up and imagine how these will be appreciated by your loved ones.

Pick your own TOP 5 and see all Winter 2018 Craftin Outlaws vendors here or find them in person when we return November 10th at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. RSVP here!

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