The dynamic duo of Adam and Allie make up The Wonder Jam, a strategic branding studio with a heart for helping small business owners. They offer a wealth of branding and design knowledge through their Diamond Membership and in-house training courses. Today, the pair shares the Top 5 makers they’re looking forward to seeing at Craftin Outlaws this holiday season.


Igloo Letterpress

Sometimes seeing Igloo Letterpress’ work in public reminds us that we need to send gifts and presents with a  bit more intention. We’re excited to snag some stationary this year!


The Muddy Yogi

We’re suckers for ceramics and The Muddy Yogi has caught our eye! With such unique and inspired pieces, we’re itching to see her work in person for the first time!

Custom 5.JPG

Sarah Harste Weavings

We own a lot of Sarah Harste weavings. It’s beginning to become a problem. But you KNOW we’re going to be buying some more at the holiday show!

Splendor Revival

Splendor Revival

Every time we’ve gotten to chat with Splendor Revival’s founder Katya, we’re impressed by her style and passion. Plus, who doesn’t love those patterns?!?!?!?


Alison Rose

Back when Allie was starting her freelance business before she’d changed her maiden name, she was going to call her business Allison Rose Designs being that her middle name is Rose. But a quick Google search showed us that the business name was already taken AND it existed in our city! Since that day we’ve paid attention to and appreciated the work that Alison and Nick put together. We always love seeing them out and about!

Pick your own TOP 5 and see all Winter 2018 Craftin Outlaws vendors here!


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