A visit to Global Gifts in the Short North is always a treat for Columbus visitors and residents alike. With a focus on fair trade, you can feel good about splurging on a handmade piece of jewelry, unique home décor, or holiday ornament. Here’s a Craftin Outlaws Top 5 list from the authority on handmade gift giving!


We love the surrealism and vintage style of Katie Hofacre’s work.

mary ann crago

Mary Ann Crago’s Guardians and Lucky Stones make us think of totems and personal mythology.

AmandaBlake (1)

When we first saw Amanda Blake’s work it reminded us of children’s illustrations, but is you look longer and more deeply, you’ll found the sweetness was offset by an odd melancholy. We really responded emotionally to that dichotomy.


We love the cellular quality of all of Kim Rohrs’ artwork, but especially the literality of the plant cell studies. Looking at them all together, it really gives you an idea of her perspective as an artist – as above so below.


Megs Levesseur’s pottery has a wonderful organic quality. It is not only beautiful in form, line, and color, but also whimsical in a way that makes us think of living creatures. Each one has its own personality, and that makes us smile.

Pick your own TOP 5 and see all Winter 2018 Craftin Outlaws vendors here!

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