Morgan Pelt. the founder and lifestyle blogger behind Columbus Living Blog, is a Capital City native with a spirit for adventure. Her website is packed with tips and recommendations for those looking to be tourists in their own hometown. In today’s Top 5, she shares just a handful of the makers she’s excited to see at the holiday show on November 10th.

Southern Hospitality

As I get older, I’ve become more involved and conscious of the products I buy, and as a woman of color I love supporting businesses run by people of color, which is why I’m so excited to support Southern Hospitality – which will not only leave your feet soft and refreshed, but also smelling good too.

JKM Soy Candles.jpg

I’m a little obsessed with candles, which is why JKM Soy Candles will be at the top of my wish list this holiday season. I’ve always believed that a warm scented candle not only creates an inviting home, but also a throwback of old memories.

Yao Cheng

For me, aesthetics are everything, and I love the modern, bright watercolors of Yao Cheng Design. Although, I love the idea of purchasing a plant – a watercolor painting seems more sustainable for me. Her designs come to life through home-décor, stationary products, throw pillows, and so much more.


ThankfulKnits, a company that creates handcrafted quality fibers, from wall décor to knitted apparel, is the perfect gift to keep you or a close friend warm this season. To be honest, I can’t wait to get my hands on a chunky knit beanie or large macramé.

Under Aurora - Sweet Beet.jpg

For soft, vibrant, healthy skin – I constantly rely on the same products; but every once in a while I like to venture outside my comfort zone to try something new. This year, I fully support Under Aurora, a company focused on providing quality, plant-based skincare, fragrances, and body care products.

Pick your own TOP 5 and see all Winter 2018 Craftin Outlaws vendors here!

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