2020 Art Outlaws

Click a category to view our 2020 Craftin’ Outlaws products and visit their websites. All purchases are to be made from each individual exhibitor. Vendors coordinate payment and shipping.


Brieck Draw – Columbus, OH

Brieck Draw makes and sells screen printed posters, giclee art prints, stickers, enamel pins, mugs, and comics that are infused with a playful spirit and reflect their love of the outdoors and adventure.

Nicole Zupich Art – Galena, OH

Nicole Zupich is a female and veteran artist telling stories through mixed media. She does acrylic pouring and oil landscapes.

Reconstruct Wood – Port Matilda, PA

Reconstruct Wood creates handmade art and home goods created with salvaged and reclaimed materials. Inspired by nature and preservation, every piece they build prevents the material from winding up in a landfill.

The Makist – Columbus, OH

The Makist turns bright colors and whimsical shapes into abstract paintings, handmade jewelry, and accessories. Color is her happy language, and she explores elements of nature through simple patterns and shapes.

Sinisters – Louisville, KY

Sinisters is having two sides of every person, story or artwork. At first glance what appears sweet may have a dark side. Sinisters uses eye catching color and bold imagery to attract the viewer and to start a conversation about current events and pop culture. Sinisters’ pieces are pop style painting, prints and tees that visually mix iconic figures and vivd color with a splash of girl power.

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