Make your own cloud lamp

As part of our Outlaws at Home online marketĀ  we are sharing a few crafty guides to keep you making and feeling creative, while supporting our 2020 makers.

Light Up Labs creates wall lamps, table lamps, pendant lamps, floor lamps… anything in the lighting category they are open to trying. Based out of Cleveland.
They shared with us a tutorial to craft your own Cloud Lamp using a few materials you might have around the house or buy a kit directly from this Outlaw couple.
View their video of how to make your own, using one of their kits and view what is included in their DIY Cloud Box kit purchased from their Etsy shop.

Make your own hanging cloud light from a plastic 2 liter bottle. Perfect craft for a rainy day. Light Labs kits includes a complete instruction guide mailed right to your house.

Kit includes:
2.25 oz Raw organic cotton
Fishing line
2 metal fasteners
Rechargeable LED cork light

What you will need (not included with kit):
Emptied, rinsed, and dried clear plastic 2 liter bottle
Glue gun
Glue sticks
Blade for cutting holes in bottle

Buy your Cloud Lamp kit