Outlaws Takin’ Over -Livnloop

Outlaws at Home, our online effort to keep artists selling their goods online continues with a new series of makers taking over our feeds.

Friday, September 25:  Livnloop 

Location: Hilliard, Ohio

Instagram Handle: @livnloop

What local charities do you support? Columbus Freedom Fund

What entertains you these days?Love Island UK (Please don’t judge me)

What was your first handmade experience? My first handmade experience was learning to make sugar scrubs. I would make them with sugar, coconut oil and all different ingredients like coffee grounds, lavender petals, etc. It was fun mixing and making different kinds and gifting them to my mom and sister.

What would you tell your future self? I would tell my future self to go for it! It is never too late to start or create something new or to expand on what you are currently working on. Continue to work hard creating and making but always allow time for yourself to unwind, relax and let your mind reset.

Which do you prefer: Tacos or Pizza? Tacos! I love both but I would have to choose tacos. I really like fish tacos with some sort of slaw or cilantro sauce on them. I also, however, just love a basic taco with ground turkey, cheese, lettuce, sour cream and salsa!


Be a part at Outlaws at Home: Interested makers can apply here. 

Published by Megan Green

Megan Green is creative minded entrepreneur with a passion for supporting other creatives based in Columbus, Ohio. She's the Executive Director behind Midwest Craft Con and Craftin' Outlaws. She's also the founder of Stinkybomb Soap, a novelty soap business.

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