Outlaws Takin’ Over -Magnolia Blends

Outlaws at Home, our online effort to keep artists selling their goods online continues with a new series of makers taking over our feeds.

Friday, October 2:  Magnolia Blends

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Instagram Handle: @magnolia.blends

What local charities do you support? Ronald McDonald House

What entertains you these days? The Order on Netflix

What was your first handmade experience? I have been crafty my whole life. I do not remember my first experience exactly, but the earliest experience I can remember is making friendship bracelets and keychains with plastic string.

What would you tell your future self? Go for it.

Which do you prefer: Tacos or Pizza? pizza! my fave food. and just cheese. 


Be a part at Outlaws at Home: Interested makers can apply here. 

Published by Megan Green

Megan Green is creative minded entrepreneur with a passion for supporting other creatives based in Columbus, Ohio. She's the Executive Director behind Midwest Craft Con and Craftin' Outlaws. She's also the founder of Stinkybomb Soap, a novelty soap business.

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