Outlaws Takin’ Over -CRFT CLUB

Outlaws at Home, our online effort to keep artists selling their goods online continues with a new series of makers taking over our feeds.

Friday, October 9:  CRFT CLUB

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Instagram Handle: @crftclub

What local charities do you support? Colony Cats

What entertains you these days? Love on the Spectrum – Netflix Series

What was your first handmade experience? I may not be recalling the first experience, but it is my first remembered/influential experience. My mother has passed down to me most of my crafting knowledge and she started very early in my childhood. She convinced my teachers to allow her to teach craft workshops for my classmates and I during school hours once or twice a year. For our first workshop, when I was in kindergarten, she brought in boxes for us to paint and bejewel. She showed us tips and tricks along the way and made everyone feel like an artist. Crafting with my friends became my favorite past time activity throughout my young and adult life, it is also what inspired me to start a craft event and craft kit business!

What would you tell your future self? Everything happens for a reason. Send good vibes out get good vibes in return. Be patient and forgive yourself

Which do you prefer: Tacos or Pizza? Pizza and only the O.G. Pep


Published by Megan Green

Megan Green is creative minded entrepreneur with a passion for supporting other creatives based in Columbus, Ohio. She's the Executive Director behind Midwest Craft Con and Craftin' Outlaws. She's also the founder of Stinkybomb Soap, a novelty soap business.

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