Ramble Coffee Gift Guide

Gift Guide For The Person Who Needs To De-Stress

This year has been tough on everyone, and there’s still a lot of stress and anxiety ahead. Get your family and friends something to help them relax and maybe forget about all their troubles for a moment.

Haven Herbs – Columbus, OH

This chillax roll on essential oil from Haven Herbs is a great stocking stuffer! Simply sniff the oils or roll it onto your skin and the scent of lavender, vetiver and frankincense will calm the nerves.

Livnloop – Columbus, OH

You can’t look at a Livnloop product without wanting to touch it! Her cozy knits are splendid for anyone who wants to nestle in the warmth of the cowl while reading a good book.

Southern Hospitality – Indianapolis, IN

Know someone who’s on their feet all day or work outside in the cold? Southern Hospitality’s Sweet Tea Foot Soak’s are the ultimate gift, helping to soothe achy or cold feet after a hard day’s work.

Bud And Bowl – Cincinnati, OH

These handmade cappuccino mugs from Bud And Bowl come in 8 different funky patterns AND are dishwasher and microwave safe. They pair perfectly with a lb. (or two) of Ramble Coffee for the perfect gift!

ChicalooKate – Pittsburgh, PA

For a note of levity, we present ChicalooKate. Her products may not always be appropriate, but she will make your friends and family laugh, possibly against their will.

Ramble Coffee – Columbus, OH

Whether you’re gearing up for an outdoor adventure, to get away from it all, or have a coffee break at your desk, all you need is hot water for the perfect cup of Ramble Coffee. These single-serve coffee packs are filled with precision ground, pre-dosed, ready to brew specialty coffee. Just pour over, dunk, steep, and enjoy with no mess – just + water. Every pack is nitro sealed in fully compostable packaging made using renewable materials.

While we have always been intrigued by the complexity and variety that coffee has to offer, lately traversing the world of coffee has become something of an obsession for us.  In 2015, when we were still hand-roasting green coffee in our kitchen, we also designed and built a teardrop camper. We set out to see the country with our two spirited children and found ourselves as taken with the beautiful vistas as we were with new friends we met along the way.  We knew we wanted to bring that sense of adventure and community back to our hometown, and launched Ramble Coffee in October of 2016. Two years later, we moved our roastery inside Global Gallery coffee shop in Clintonville where we currently roast.

Whether we are perfecting a roast, learning about a farm or co-op, or experimenting with brewing methods, a spirit of exploration leads the way.

John + Sara

Buy Our Single-Serve Coffees Individually Or In Packs Of 10

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