Still Stuck at Home – Gift Guide

Despite widespread vaccines and mask wearing, the world has not quite reached the desired level of normalcy we’d like. If you’ve settled into the pandemic lifestyle of working from home, becoming more adept in the kitchen and embracing hygge, we’ve got the goods for you!

Livnloop’s Chunky Chenille Blanket will keep you extra cozy while you binge watch a Korean Drama or The Office again.

Have you forgotten you were supposed to be in an important meeting with almost no time to change out of your oversized tshirt that you mayyy have slept in? This is where The Gift Box’s gorgeous statement jewelry saves the day. Pair this with a basic shirt and you will make an excellent impression.

If your new schedule has thrown off your coffee shop routine and now you’re stuck brewing your own. A mug from Wayward Bloom won’t make your coffee taste better, but it will trick you into thinking it’s more luxurious.

The downside to adopting the pandemic lifestyle is not being around your friends and family as often as you’d like. These gorgeous cards from Lucie Shearer Art are a great way to connect with those far away.

Because we rarely left the house in 2020, a lot of guys let their facial hair grow into some pretty impressive beards. The beard care line from Elle Jae Essentials has everything the bushy man in your life needs to have a strong and shiny beard.

To achieve full hygge, candles are essential. These teacup soy candles from Xo, Moe are upcycled from thrift stores, estate and garage sales to bring a unique homey vintage vibe to your space.

Now that you cook at home most nights, you need quality spices. Buying the Freedom House Seasoning from Freedom a la Cart will not only take your food to the next level, it will also provide stability and support for survivors of human trafficking.

Curated by Outlaws coordinator Samantha Frew who’s thriving in the suburbs.

Join these exhibitors and more at our 2021 Holiday Marketplace at the Columbus Museum of Art on Sunday, December 5 from 12pm – 4pm.

Shop all our Outlaws online before the show by visiting our maker page.

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