Become a Craftin’ Outlaws Ambassador!

Do you value the importance of handmade goods?

Are you active on social media and love sharing unique finds with friends?


What Is an Outlaws Ambassador?

Ambassadors help spread the word about Craftin Outlaws events like our upcoming online before the day of our in-person events through their social media pages.

What Is Expected of an Outlaws Ambassador?

Create and/or repost engaging content around Craftin Outlaws events to your audience on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and Twitter.

What Is the Compensation & Commitment?

On your own time, Ambassadors can expect engagement on their posts and reposts of their content on Craftin Outlaw platforms. At the end of the season, Ambassadors will receive a handpicked goody bag of exclusive Outlaws swag. Swag items can be picked up in-person at the live event or mailed USPS.

You Might Be Wondering…

  • Do I have to have a large following to be an ambassador? No way! We are looking for Ambassadors who are true fans of Craftin Outlaws, enjoy spreading holiday cheer, and want to make a difference for our Holiday vendors and artists working hard this busy season.
  • How do I know what to post? We’re giving our Ambassadors the freedom to post in a way that feels authentic and natural to their audience. Repost photos of your favorite Craftin Outlaws vendors, make a video, share a review, whatever you like! We’ll also supply a list of ideas to get you started.
  • Will I need to show up anywhere? You can help promote the excitement of Craftin Outlaws from the comfort of home. Kick your feet up, spike the eggnog, and help us spread the word about our virtual events.

How Do I Apply?!

Click the link below to complete our short Ambassador Application. All Ambassadors will be chosen by November 15, 2021 and contacted via email.

Sign up to our email list here to be first to know when we have a need for volunteers.

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