DIY Batik – with Amy Hagard of The Makist

Grab an old pillowcase, shirt, or tote bag and try some DIY upcycling. Amy Haggard, owner of The Makist, shows us how to use glue, paint, and your fabric item to turn a simple item into something with more color and personality using things you already have at home. 

Materials needed:

White cotton or canvas fabric – ( a t-shirt, pillowcase, or other cotton item would work too)

2 or more colors of acrylic paint



Cups/containers for water/paint

Amy Haggard, The Makist, turns vibrant colors, playful patterns, and organic shapes into abstract paintings, handmade jewelry, and accessories. Color is her happy language, and she explores elements of nature in her simplified graphic style. Her work is constantly evolving through experimentation, but it is heavily influenced by her background in graphic design and art education. Working mostly in acrylics on canvas and wooden panel, Amy strives to make work that spreads joy. You can check out Amy’s shop at 

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