Sponsor Love with The Smithery

Independent jewelry artists Anne Holman and Jen Townsend founded The Smithery as a working metalsmith studio and artist-made shop.   Specializing in contemporary jewelry and modern craft, The Smithery provides a retail storefront showcasing a curated collection of fine handmade goods.   We offer workshops, hands-on events, artist trunk shows and provide a pressure free environment for purchasing thoughtful gifts, commemorating important life events, and adding to your own collections.

Anne and Jen share a few of the Outlaws they love!



Cynthia Vardhan Ceramics – Handmade porcelain for the home.


Megs LeVesseur Pottery – Inspired by intricate line work and soft color, this collection utilizes traditional hand-building techniques, Terra Sigillata, and layering of glaze each piece is handcrafted for beauty and function.
strawberryluna – a small, wife & husband studio creating bright, happy silkscreen artwork for all ages. Our hand pulled process is a a labor intensive one, but we think it’s the bee’s knees!
Rebecca Graves Pottery – handmade pottery with attention to function, detail and technique then hand carves the surface to showcase images filled with humor, wit and sometimes even a bit of wisdom.
Clinton Reno – Nationally used screen-printed rock posters and art prints hand printed in Columbus Ohio by artist Clinton Reno.
Leah Storrs Art & Design –  Fine art printmaker and watercolorist. Working mostly as a screen printer. Focusing on landscapes, cityscapes and architectural studies.


The Smithery will be joining  us on December 10th at The Greater Columbus Convention Center. Find your favorite Outlaws at www.craftinoutlaws.com.

Sponsor Love with Wholly Craft

Wholly Craft started as a seed in 2005 when owner Olivera Bratich realized there was no outlet in Columbus for this new wave of craft that was rippling across the country. So, in a tiny 300 sq. ft storefront in Clintonville, on a sunny Autumn day, Wholly Craft was born.


Over the years, the shop continued to add new crafty vendors (now over 400 makers are represented) and expand it’s selection of goods to include thousands of art prints, greeting cards, tshirts, baby gifts, tote bags, necklaces, nightlights, zines, and more. Two years ago, Wholly Craft found its forever home in Clintonville, right on the Farmers’ Market path along High St. Now with over 400 vendors, the formerly tiny shop has grown into the premier destination for fun, handcrafted and ethically produced gifts in Columbus.

Olivera shares the Outlaws she loves…

Alison Rose: We been stocking Alison Rose for over a decade and still anxiously await every new release. These two are geniuses and also the nicest people on earth.


Under Aurora: Our whole staff have become Under Aurora evangelicals! The scent blends are tantalizing and the facial care products will do magic for your skin. GET IT.


Sarah Harste: I took a weaving workshop with Sarah recently and it was terrific! She creates stunning work and is a patient and thoughtful instructor. Her love of weaving really comes through her work. I highly suggest also checking out her upcoming workshops at Craftin Outlaws and Wholly Craft.


Poor Sparrow: I don’t think I was actually a jewelry person until we started carrying Poor Sparrow. Suddenly I own a dozen necklaces and am thinking about getting my ears pierced. You too can be a fancy lady!


Hearttell Press: Of the hundreds of booths at the National Stationery Show this year, this was the vendor that blew me away. I think I actually cried a little while putting together our order. The sentiments paired with thoughtful imagery express genuine emotion – it’s everything a card should be.


Fuzzbutt Crochet:  Super adorable creatures made by a super adorable lady! I love Fuzzbutt and it’s my go-to gift for kids.


Jonathan Juravich: Whether it’s illustrating famous artists or woodland friends, Jonathan brings a little joy into every paper craft. The lumberjack is my favorite and I can’t wait to see what new characters are in store for the season.


Hoop and Needle: Snarky, foul mouthed craft is the heart of who we are at Wholly Craft and Hoop and Needle is like our soul sister in stitchery. It’s the gift you make for people you truly love.




Wholly Craft will be joining  us on December 10th at The Greater Columbus Convention Center. Find your favorite Outlaws at www.craftinoutlaws.com.


Sponsor Love with Yarn It & Haberdashery

Yarn It & Haberdashery brings something fresh and new into the Columbus fiber market. Shop owner Esther Hall shares a few of her favorite Outlaws!
TLY yarn crafts is one of our favorites because she has unique hand crocheted goods, and gifts for the fiber lover. Her Crochet is BAE is exactly how we feel about all fiber arts.  Added bonus is that she is one of the lovely teachers in our store!
Mary Ann Crago has been a long time favorite artist of Esther’s before she had Yarn it and was working with Artists she got to know Mary Ann and keeps one of her favorite pieces right next to the register to inspire her to be quirky and independent.
It’s hard to decide between Alison Rose and Carmacazzi but they both do such wonderful shirts and I find myself buying one from each of them every year at Craftin’ Outlaws because a good t-shirt never goes out of style.
Yao Cheng designs has the most beautiful watercolor prints and home goods. Her kitchen towels have been a staple present to give away for the Holidays and her greeting cards at the best thing to keep on hand when you need to write a personal thank you and want to make it special.
Lastly, Sarah Harste Weavings show that yarn isn’t just for knitting or crocheting. Her beautiful art weavings could brighten up any home.

Yarn It & Haberdashery joins us on December 10th during Craftin’ Outlaws, with a DIY experience. Find your favorite Outlaws at www.craftinoutlaws.com

Sponsor Love with Surprise Modern Party

Surprise Modern Party is the newest venture from the mastermind behind Wholly Craft, , Olivera Bratich.
Find the supplies you need to make your celebration one-of-a-kind! Plus shop for unique glassware and bar tools to make your cocktail dreams come true!
See a few of the Outlaws that will bring the love to your next party courtesy of Surprise Modern Party! …
Barmaid Soap: Beer based soaps that smell delicious and don’t get you in trouble. Yes!


Leigh Cox Illustration: Her drunk authors series is exceptionally awesome and I love the distinct style of all her work.


Megan Lee Designs: We couldn’t agree more that Midwest is Best!



Rebecca Graves Pottery: Super sexy tableware and ashtrays – handmade always makes a special statement.


Clinton Reno: The film interpretations are my favorite but I always look forward to see what has sprung forth from Reno’s brain this time.


Visit Surprise Modern Party for all your party needs and find your favorite Outlaws on December 10th at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.


Sponsor Love with Rivet Gallery

Rivet is a designer toy and art gallery located in the Short North arts district of Columbus, Ohio. They carry a variety of limited edition collectible designer vinyl toys, DIY art toys, and plush, in addition to presenting excellent works of original art and prints by pop-surreal, lowbrow, and underground artists. A new art show opens on the first Saturday of each month in conjunction with the Short North’s monthly Gallery Hop event.

Laura from Rivet shares a few of the Outlaws she loves …

Clinton Reno – as an artist who has exhibited at Rivet multiple times, I always look forward to what this artist creates.


Logan Schmitt Illustration – as an artist who was also a previous intern of Rivet, I enjoy seeing the constant maturing style of his artwork.


Perler Tricks – appreciate their dedication to pop culture!


Natterdoodle – typography that makes the heart skip a beat.


Champaign Paper – illustrations that cuddle the eyes.


Rivet will be also be set up with their popular Drink and Draw. Sip-n-Doodle Kids Club –  a very special Craftin’ Outlaws wee edition. Kids will be able to make their own paper animals.

Rivet will be joining  us on December 10th at The Greater Columbus Convention Center. Find your favorite Outlaws at www.craftinoutlaws.com.

Meet our 2016 Designer- Logan Schmitt

Craftin’ Outlaws continues to showcase artists and makers with an edgier tone than what you might find at a traditional  craft fair. Chances are good that if you apply to to vend with us and your work incorporates skulls and bones we will give your application a closer look. Odds are likely to be in your favor that you’ll attend at our show.

When we first saw Logan Schmitt’s work back in 2014, that was roughly our experience with his work. We knew he’d make a great Outlaw. His interpretations of nature inspired decay is softly crafted through screen printing. To chat with him, he’s just as soft spoken as the work he creates. When we asked him to take a stab at designing our poster art for this year, he kindly accepted and he gave us an image that combines both of our aesthetics.

Aside from making amazing things, Logan leads an interesting life, what he calls “Van Life”. He and his wife sold all their possessions and now caravan their way to shows and events around the Midwest.

We pulled him aside so you can get to know him the way we have.

What is your handmade background?

– My handmade background started at Columbus College of Art & Design. At the beginning of my time at school I noticed that a lot of my favorite illustrators and designers screen printed their work either for band posters or their own art prints. So the first chance I had, I got into the introductory silkscreen class my during my Sophomore year. I couldn’t stop after that!


You continue to create some amazing custom work, including our Outlaw 2016 image. What kind of collaborations have you created? How does this process work for you? What has been you favorite partnership? 

– Aw, well, shucks! Thanks! I’ve primarily done a lot of work for different bands here and there. I’ve done some design work for a couple of breweries, as well. This process is generally the same whether the client already has an idea in mind or if they want me to come up with whatever I want. Most clients that contact me tend to have ideas that fit well with my visual style, so even if it’s something that I wouldn’t have just come up with on my own, it still works out. Other than Craftin’ Outlaws, of course, I think my favorite partnership has been with Four String Brewing Company. I made the artwork for their Ghost Ship Vortex Baltic Porter release earlier this year. It was the perfect mix of creative input from both of us, combined with a new and interesting format that I hadn’t worked in before.

Van Life – can you give us a general background of the what and why?

– Ah, van life. Van life is a way of living that involves living pretty much exclusively in a van. Either you convert it yourself (like we did) or have a camper van where everything is already built in. We made this leap in June after a couple of years of talking about it, and it’s been a nonstop adventure ever since. We basically just wanted a more freedom in our lives and to just travel and DO more. Those things just come with the van life territory. My wife didn’t enjoy her job and I really didn’t want to work on anything but illustration and design, so living in a van also allowed her to quit her job and allowed me to solely focus on making art without nearly as much financial stress. We really don’t have an end date on this. We’ll just keep going until we’re tired of it.

What’s been the most difficult part of downsizing your life? What’s been the coolest experience thus far of van life? 

– The most difficult part was finding new homes for a cats. They wouldn’t have done well in a van. Shout-out to Evey and Mugen! The coolest van life experience was probably the week we stayed in West Virginia on the Eastern Panhandle and at a state park in Maryland. We love that part of the country and it was nice to be able to just stay as long as we wanted and just work on jobs from the road. It’s also nice when we do craft shows in other towns we can stay for an extra day and explore the city or region we’re in without worrying about a hotel or anything.
What has been your biggest struggle in running your business?

– The biggest struggle for me has been making enough money for my financial goals and managing that money in an effective way through my business. I’m just starting out so I’m just constantly hustling and sniffing out work. I’m very happy with the jobs and work that I’ve been getting, I just need to increase its volume, which takes time and consistent, halfway-decent work. When it comes to making your own products and prints, you can’t necessarily afford to make something that might flop, either, which at times can be really hard to tell until it’s out on the table at a show, not getting bought.
When working do you binge watch tv shows? Listen to music? Listen to audio books? – what are you currently listening/watching?

– Music is on a lot, but after a while I need to hear conversations and stories. I started re-watching The Office last week while I was working, so that’s been the go-to ever since. I also watch a lot of nature and history documentaries while I work. Willow, The Dark Crystal, and Labyrinth are usually on rotation at some point each month, as well. I listen to podcasts, too. Adventures in Design with Mark Brickey and Creative Pep Talk with Andy J. Miller are two that I really like. Audiobooks pop up now and then, whenever I go to the library.

– Logan Schmitt grew up in a little town in the rolling hills and hollows of West Virginia. When he wasn’t exploring the vast forest that sprawled around his house, he was reading comic books, wildlife encyclopedias and watching science fiction and fantasy films. These interests, along with his love of art and design brought him to Columbus, Ohio where he illustrates and screen prints posters for bands, designs t-shirts, and slings his work at craft shows.

Logan Schmitt will be joining  us on December 10th at The Greater Columbus Convention Center. Find your favorite Outlaws at www.craftinoutlaws.com.

Sponsor Love – What the Rock?!

What the Rock?! started online in January of 2006.  They opened their brick & mortar store in October of 2006 in the Short North Arts District of Columbus, Ohio.


When you step into What the Rock?! you get to take in all that is  rock and roll, weird, beautiful, fun, interesting or just plain cool.  They have baby/kid things, books, housewares, home decor, handmade jewelry, cards, and other small crafts, t-shirts, dresses and hoodies, wallets, purses socks, and accessories, taxidermy skulls and bones, and musician’s needs like picks, strings, and straps and small instruments like harmonicas and kazoos.

Here are the Outlaws Mike and Heather from What the Rock?! love…

SugarKitty Couture

SugarKitty brings almost 2 decades of handmade experience. Whether sewn, painted or glued, each piece made with the same attention to detail. She offers something for everyone; from creepy to cute and weird to whimsical.

Sokay Designs

Sokay Designs sells rad home décor, jewelry and nail decals with styles ranging from cute to macabre.

Dejected Steel

Dejected Steel offers hand cut and hand riveted works of art all made from steel. Custom orders are welcome!

Cryptid Matter


Lost in a Dream Art by Abril

Abril is able to escape to a fantasy world when a brush is in her hand ,and express her ideas and feelings through pop surrealism art.

Inked Earth

Inked Earth makes tattoo inspired pottery. coffee cups, bowls, plates, pet dishes and wall art are just a few of the fun colorful things i make!

Pajaro Negro

Using ethically sourced flora and fauna Pajaro Negro jewelry sets out to bring out the beauty and detail of nature’s bounty through each jewelry piece.

Crime Cats

“Crime Cats” is a self-published, award-winning mystery chapter book series recommended for readers aged eight to twelve. The books follow eight-year-old Columbus superhero Jonas Shurmann as he and his partners, cat detectives CatBob and Neil Higgins, work together to solve mysteries around their neighborhood.




What the Rock?! will be joining  us on December 10th at The Greater Columbus Convention Center. Find your favorite Outlaws at www.craftinoutlaws.com.

Sponsors Love with Branch Line Leather

Branch Line Leather Co. is a small-by-design leathercraft studio and production workshop located in Worthington, OH, USA. We specialize in “Bespoke for the People” leather and wool bags and accessories. With over 24 years experience producing leather goods, the makers at Branch Line Leather would love to share their commitment to quality with you. Here are the Craftin’ Outlaws Elaine from Branch Line loves…


Inked Earth – I drink my coffee most mornings from an Inked Earth Hotrod Flames coffee mug. Gets me going, going, gone!


Igloo Letterpress – They are my “local.” I love the fact that you can walk in and stuff is happening there all the time. People are making things. And they let you watch. Magical.


Crime Cats – My kids love these books and the fact that they can bug the author endlessly at book signing events. Books! About cats!


Perler Tricks – I am always amazed at their work, but mostly glad they are the ones making these nuggets of awesomeness, not me. That’s a seriously lot of work, there, people.


The Hoop and Needle – Because who doesn’t love crafts that you have to shield your children’s eyes from! Absolutely inspired, if a bit irreverent.


Fuzz Butt Crochet – Because, the name…


Branch Line Leather will also be joining us for a day of handmade on December 10th at The Greater Columbus Convention Center. Find your favorite Outlaws www.craftinoutlaws.com.


Cross Stitch Kit Review


I am known to buy craft supplies and kits even when I don’t necessarily have plans for them or even time to work with them. It’s been almost a year since I purchased this kit at the Midwest Craft Con in February, and I am just now finally putting it to use!  For the sake of my own self-respect let’s just pretend this is the oldest kit I have yet to use.

Purchased from The Hoop & Needle, an amazing shop in Cincinnati, Ohio that focuses on hand embroidery and cross stitch, I just couldn’t resist giving it a whirl. I’ve seen these little family portraits on social media and pinterest and I’ve always wanted to try my own. Considering I have never created my own counted cross stitch pattern, or even cross stitched before, I was just a little intimidated.  Rest assured friends, this is a story with a happy ending.


The kit includes everything you need to get started; the pattern, the cloth, needle, embroidery floss and a hoop. There are minimal instructions on the actual stitching so I watched a few YouTube videos to get me started. The planning stage was actually quite fun, with the provided graph paper I sketched out my family.  I enjoyed tailoring the look of the characters to match my little family, even making the necessary revisions for my folically challenged husband! Coloring in all those little squares and watching the portrait come together will get you hooked, and if you are anything like me, you won’t be able to put it down until you are done!


Finding my starting point, I got started with one of the shirts, then subsequently pulled half of it out because I realized I was counting wrong! I was much more successful the second time around! A preemptive word of encouragement; If you are new to cross stitch (or even if you aren’t) you will probably make lots of little mistakes, which is totally fine, because it is super easy to pull out stitches and start again.  As I worked through little pieces and parts, it was awesome to see each little person come to life. You finish off with the family name using a backstitch, which is more of an embroidery stitch so I recommend you look that up on YouTube as well if you are not familiar with the method. 


Overall, I loved this pattern and I am so happy with my finished piece, I would highly recommend this for any skill level. Beginners will need a little patience as you learn a new skill but overall I felt like I caught on pretty quickly. The kit comes with a lot of embroidery floss to get you started, I did find that a few colors that I wanted to use were not there (purple and red) so I would highly recommend planning your colors in advance, especially if you don’t have a stash of floss already, so you don’t have to make multiple trips to the store in the middle of your project. Thanks to Hoop & Needle for this awesome kit, I can’t wait to find a special spot for my new family portrait.

img_5108Mallory Hill has been sewing since she was young but didn’t pick it up seriously until she was out of college. That’s when she first started working in the fabric and sewing industry and her passion has grown as she continued to work for various textile companies for the past 10 years. She has two daughters and has recently re-located back to her home state of Ohio.

Craftin’ Outlaws is a handmade marketplace, established in 2005 and based in Columbus, Ohio. Our next fair is  December 10, 2016 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

Visit, www.craftinoutlaws.com to learn more about the longest running alternate craft fair in town.