Learn everything you need to know once you join us at Craftin’ Outlaws.

Craftin’ Outlaws is FREE to all. No fees and no ticket charges.

2018 map
click here for a PDF version of the map and program 

RSVP and keep up with announcements on Facebook.

Doors open at 11am with 100 swag bags to start the day.

Most of our exhibitors accept credit and debit cards. Cash is always welcome. An ATM is located within walking distance to Battelle Grand.

Preview all the exhibitors and start build your shopping list.

Emerging Outlaws are located in the upper mezzanine and is accessible by stairs, escalator and an elevator.

Coat check is available.

A nursing station directly below where we are located.

Large aisles offer plenty of room for strollers, wheelchairs and lots of elbow room.

Crowds are at their largest from 11am-2pm.

We are a family friendly event but we encourage our exhibitors to express themselves through their art. You can expect to find graphic works of art. We encourage you to create conversations with kids and keep an open mind. We don’t censor our Outlaws and we ask that you don’t either.

The Convention Center is ADA compliant. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.