DIY your way through 2017!

A new year brings new goals and personal resolutions come in many forms. Perhaps you wish to make healthier eating habits, learn a new language or unplug from social media. While I do not fancy myself a resolution person… I enjoy my daily dose of caffeine, laced with sugar and accompanied with heavy dairy. IContinue reading “DIY your way through 2017!”

Sponsor Love with The Smithery

Independent jewelry artists Anne Holman and Jen Townsend founded The Smithery as a working metalsmith studio and artist-made shop.   Specializing in contemporary jewelry and modern craft, The Smithery provides a retail storefront showcasing a curated collection of fine handmade goods.   We offer workshops, hands-on events, artist trunk shows and provide a pressure free environmentContinue reading “Sponsor Love with The Smithery”

Ridin’ Dirty – Craft Caravan

February of this year I helped create Midwest Craft Con, a 3 day craft retreat hosted in the city I have called home for over 2 decades. Gathering up a group of like minded peers for a long weekend seemed like a dream come true and I wanted to find a unique way to highlightContinue reading “Ridin’ Dirty – Craft Caravan”