Shop Review – GLEAN

Glean, a Short North gift shop specializing in locally made art from recycled and repurposed materials, is a little place with a lot of character. Step into the shop and your eyes immediately bounce from wall décor made from old license plates to candles in empty soup cans and jewelry with vintage findings. Gift givers willContinue reading “Shop Review – GLEAN”

Creative Duos – Champaign Paper

The old saying two hands are better than one, can take on a new meaning when you have a handmade business. Combing your work life and your business life can have many rewards. Elisabeth Tran and Shaun Mueller of Champaign Paper are a creative duo who share their love affair with paper, while finding ways toContinue reading “Creative Duos – Champaign Paper”

Creative Couples- theBird+theBeard

Crafty couple Jessica and Karl Schaefer, aka theBird+theBeard, are based out of Pittsburgh and have been together for 8 years but have only been working  in their handmade business for 4 years.  In 2013, they launched their line of chemistry-themed geeky greeting cards based on the Periodic Table of the Elements that feature sayings fromContinue reading “Creative Couples- theBird+theBeard”

Meet our 2016 Designer- Logan Schmitt

Craftin’ Outlaws continues to showcase artists and makers with an edgier tone than what you might find at a traditional  craft fair. Chances are good that if you apply to to vend with us and your work incorporates skulls and bones we will give your application a closer look. Odds are likely to be inContinue reading “Meet our 2016 Designer- Logan Schmitt”

Back to the beginning

Blue Diamond Stamp Giveaway! Leave a comment below thanking Liz for changing the DIY landscape, comment on why you love Craftin’ Outlaws or just say hi! Winner chosen at random on September 15th. Eleven years ago, Craftin’ Outlaws was formed under the simple endeavor to fill a need. Liz Rosino Wright found a void inContinue reading “Back to the beginning”